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Our Members Post Tasks in The Task Marketplace

Our members post simple online tasks they are willing to pay YOU to perform in order to help their business grow, increase their social following and make more money!

You Complete The Tasks

Tasks include simple & fast online actions such as sharing a social media post, liking a social media page, liking a website or various website content on Facebook™, visiting a website, watching a video, taking a survey, filling out a web form, or following someone on Twitter.

You Earn The Reward!

Our proprietary technology and platform will track when you’ve completed the task and you will INSTANTLY earn the reward available for that task!

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Rod Delin

I am so glad I found Get Paid Social. I have been struggling to make money online for the past 3 years. Always having to pay up front without knowing what you will get in return. With Get Paid Social, I was able to join for free, without any risk, and finally make money. I have made more money in the first few weeks than I have in the past 3 years all together. Get Paid Social is the last program you will ever need. It was made for the little guy and gal, those that have no money but want to make a better life for themselves and their families. If you are like me, then don't hesitate any longer and join the Get Paid Social community. Rod Delin From Las Vegas

Kristine Christiansen

Hey Jeff, as a single mom of 3 and part-time entrepreneur, I am so GRATEFUL for what you have created here smile emoticon Not only does this give anyone a chance to make an additional few $100 to a few $1,000 per month, but it also opens the door to us entrepreneurs to an entirely new way to market and build our current businesses. This is especially Great for people like me who live in small towns, rural areas (I live in Minnesota smile emoticon ) or just want to work from home and spend more time with their children instead of commuting to a job many miles away. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for anyone who gets involved here! Thank you!!!

Amy Schweppe

I have been a single mother for 2 years looking for a legitimate way to make money working from home on the Internet. I had been completely unsuccessful until I came across GetPaid.Social 2 weeks ago! I tried email processing, selling make-up and skin care products and could not even get more than about 8 people to join my team. In just 2 short weeks with GPS I now have 103 referrals and have made $128.00 just in 3 referral upgrades! I can not even begin to tell you how excited this has made me. My 2 yr old has never been in daycare and with this program I am convinced she will never have to be! This is just the beginning and the best is yet to come! I feel blessed to be part of this amazing opportunity!

Shawn Kasieta

Trying many different things such as websites, banner ads, building sites, click thru pages, and just marketing stuff in general I knew if I never stopped searching I knew I would find something that would make me money online and Jeff found me somehow and added me to join Getpaid Social which sounded good but I didn't know it would be this great!!! I've never been more excited to make money online before and pushing myself to get those referrals because the concept of this is exciting to see and I can't wait to see my results!!! From: Forest Lake, Minnesota

Linda Kirkpatrick

So excited by this program. I have been trying to make money on line for 2 years and couldnt even get one far i have 21 sign ups! I am in Perth West Australia

Ann Collingwood

I have only just joined GPS but I am SO excited by the fact that at last I really think my dream of making money online from home and wherever I fancy working in the UK, or anywhere I can use my iPad, is about to become reality . Thank you for this opportunity!

Elvis Hien Q. Huynh

I believed that Jeff has done his best to give us all an opportunity to make money online here. When I saw $79 dollars in my back office, My heart was pounding with joy and so excited for the first time that I had make money online,and I do believed that it is now possible to make money on the internet world. All I have to say is Thank You for this opportunity and wishes that GPS is here to stay so everybody will have their chance to add more income to their Life and Love One.

Lorraine Ramsey

Hi I'm from the UK. I joined yesterday and I can't believe how well this is doing. I have 14 sign ups in just one day. I've been involved in a couple of pre launches before but this is by far the most excited I have been. I think with programmes like this you either get it or you don't! . The numbers are crazy lol the math hurts!!

Nikki Harwell

I have always wanted to get in on the launch of a great opportunity. With GetPaid.Social, I have realized that goal. We haven't even launched yet and I have 44 referrals and money from upgrades! This is going to be an awesome experience. So glad I found it.

Paul-Robert Rogers-Webb

I'm from the UK and believe this program will change lives and excite everyone who joins there are many out there with so called get rich schemes but always want more and more of your hard earned cash, Getpaid social is free from the outset , no lies no false promises and all free what more could you want a happier life , more cash in your pocket , and good fun at the same time with simple rewardable tasks. We will all look back in a few months time and be amazed we came across a great opportunity , good luck to everyone

Nathalie Ullermo

Hello everyone i'm from Sweden. I found GPS a few weeks ago. This its the first time i have make money online thanks to jeff and his awsome team. I belive this can changes my familys and many peoples life. I really trust jeff and i have already upgrade to lifetime premium. I use facebook daily so its an extra plus that i can make money from my facebook account. This community has potential to help many people around the world and for us members to bring in new people and help them changes thier life for ever. I'm very excited and am promote every singel day just to make sure that everyone can see this awesome opportunity. Thank you jeff (sorry for bad english smile emoticon )

Sandra Snee

I simply love this. I am currently homeless and just got a seasonal job. I found this get social and checked it out and joined. I can't pay for even the monthly fee right now and I know it will cost me more in the long run. But nothing worth having is easy and I am in this with both feet, excited with the possibilities of finally being able to work hard and have a little place of my own. Thank you Jeff Long.